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The HUNT360 Brand Partnership 

Imagine if every hunter had a compass that pointed directly to the best gear for their needs. That's what we've created at HUNT360. I'm Ethree King, and at HUNT360, we're not just another review site - We lead hunters straight to your products, backed by real reviews. Think of us as the bridge between your brand and a community of hunters ready to gear up. With HUNT360, it's about informed purchase decsions – and that's where your brand comes in.

What is HUNT360?

HUNT360 is a new online social media platform for hunters and gear enthusiast - we are changing how people find reliable information about hunting gear! The primary purpose for HUNT360 is for users to create an account to gain access to (and write their own) reviews of hunting gear. Each user has a "Gearlog," which is a personalized feed of information about hunting gear that meets their interests, including proven gear from brands or other user reviews they find helpful. Through engagement, users can unlock discounts from our Brand Insiders and earn points to win prizes in monthly giveaways. This is a great opportunity for your company to gain early access on our exclusive list of Brand Insiders!


We Help You Sell Direct to Customers!

HUNT360 already hosts a marketplace of your products! Our platform allows individuals to browse your entire product line from our site and either read or give reviews of your products. We also link to your website and social media pages, which not only gives customers a direct line to your brand, but also gives you a boost in search engine rankings.

Why Become a Brand Insider?

Brand Insiders get premium exposure to our highly targeted userbase of hunters. Every visitor to our site will see you on our list of Brand Insiders along with any promotions that you offer for our PRIME members in our Insider Gear carousels. Our user generated reviews will backlink members to your website product pages with your provided promo code to incentivize that purchase! Every time one of our members writes a review for one of your products, that’s even more exposure for your brand within our community!

How Do I Become a Brand Insider?

Two easy steps! First, provide an online promo code that we can make accessible to our PRIME members (that's our high-engagement tier). The promo can be anything you want - a percentage off, free shipping, etc. Second, trade links with our website. For example, you can feature us in your podcast, blog or display a backlink to HUNT360 somewhere on your website.

HUNT360 Data-Driven Marketing: Targeted Exposure for Brand Insiders

HUNT360 not only hosts user reviews, but also utilizes data collection and analysis that enhances our marketing efforts and maximizes exposure for our Brand Insiders. By becoming a Brand Insider, your company gains advantage of our targeted marketing tools that use an extensive database to engage precisely with the right audience.

Targeted Email Campaigns: Our platform collects detailed data on user preferences, including which brands they follow and interact with the most. As a Brand Insider, HUNT360 generates a targeted email list of users who have shown interest in your brand. We utilize this list to send out monthly updates featuring your products and reviews, ensuring that your products are always in front of an engaged and relevant audience.

Product Page Analytics: We understand the importance of insights into how your products perform. Our platform tracks all activity on your product pages, from page views to clicks on call-to-action (CTA) buttons. As a Brand Insider, you receive quarterly reports that detail this activity, giving you a clear view of consumer behavior and the effectiveness of your product placements.

Enhanced Product Visibility: By integrating user reviews with data-driven insights, we ensure that your products are featured prominently where they will make the most impact. Whether it's through personalized feeds in the Gearlog or targeted promotions, our data helps to position your products effectively within our community.

These data-driven strategies not only increase the visibility of your brand but also enhance the precision of your marketing efforts, making HUNT360 an invaluable partner in driving brand loyalty and sales.


We Work with Hunting Gear Influencers

HUNT360 is contracting with numerous successful influencers across the social media landscape (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, etc.) You will soon start hearing our name - possibly from some of the same influencers you already work with - as these influencers create product reviews and refer their subscribers to HUNT360 to see more gear reviews.

This is one part of our marketing strategy to grow our userbase, and one that synergizes with your interests! While they will be referring their subscribers to HUNT360, from there they will be interacting with reviews and content about your brand and products as they engage on our platform.


Our Platform and Commitment

At HUNT360, we recognize that our platform not only facilitates informed purchasing decisions through real user reviews but also encourages deep brand loyalty. Customers who buy based on reviews from our site are more likely to leave feedback, perpetuating a cycle of success. The act of sharing their positive experiences helps solidify their loyalty and spreads enthusiasm for your brand to others. We view our relationship with your company as a symbiotic partnership, where HUNT360 serves as an extension of your brand's marketing efforts. This collaboration leverages our data-driven insights and targets an audience already engaged and interested in what you have to offer.


Join us at HUNT360 as a Brand Insider. We're ready to boost your brand's impact on hunters through our platform.


Ethree King