Jeremy Williams

Conquering Challenges with Trusted Gear

Monday, August 21st, 2023
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In the heart of Alaska's rugged wilderness, where jagged peaks pierce the sky and unforgiving terrain tests even the most seasoned hunters, lies an unforgettable tale of a mountain goat hunt. This adventure not only showcased the thrill of the chase but also emphasized the crucial role of trusted gear. As the founder of HUNT360, I embarked on this journey alongside my lifelong friend Joey Jones, setting out to demonstrate how our platform empowers hunters to find reliable gear that can conquer any challenge.

Teaming up with Joey Jones, a dear friend sharing my passion for the wild, I embarked on an Alaska mountain goat hunt that would test our skills and resolve. This hunt, based in Cordova on Alaska's Southeast coast, provided an extra layer of challenge due to the unpredictable weather that characterizes this region. Our chosen outfitter was Lonesome Dove Outfitters, owned by Master Guide #182 Dennis Zadra. Assisted by our guides Wesley King and Joe Choate, our aim was to conquer the peaks and bring home memories and a fine trophy for Joey that would last a lifetime.

With the help of the HUNT360 community, the success of this hunt was made possible. Every step of the way, we saw and experienced first hand the valuable insights the HUNT360 community shared.

Picture this: scaling towering mountainsides, navigating treacherous slopes, and enduring unpredictable weather. Such an endeavor demands gear that is not just good, but exceptional. With HUNT360's user-generated reviews and insights, Joey and I were able to sift through all the hunting equipment to find those that truly met the challenge.

From state-of-the-art hiking boots that gripped every rock, to durable backpacks that carried essentials without fail, the gear we trusted was the unsung hero of this hunt. Every step up the mountain was a testament to the quality gear that didn't falter under pressure. HUNT360's extensive community reviews gave us the confidence to select gear that performed flawlessly, ensuring we were always in control.

But this journey wasn't just about reaching the summit. It was a testament to the power of knowledge and informed decision-making. HUNT360's platform helped us choose gear that aligned with our needs and the challenges we would face. It was as much a celebration of the hunt's success as it was a tribute to the tools that made it possible.

As you gaze at the photo capturing Joey Jones raising a triumphant fist pump on the mountainside after his harvest, and the images of us in the field with his well-earned trophy, remember that this victory was more than just a moment. It was a journey guided by trust in our gear and powered by the bonds of friendship. With the HUNT360 community by our side, we proved that conquering Alaska's peaks requires not only the right equipment but also the support of those who share our passion.

Well earned memory picture of Wesly, Joe, Joey and myself with Joey's beautiful 9 1/2

In a world filled with options, HUNT360 is a sanctuary for hunters seeking dependable gear and fostering connections. It's a community-driven platform where real hunters share real experiences, helping us all navigate the complexities of the hunt. As I look back on our incredible mountain goat hunt, I can't help but appreciate how HUNT360 turned an adventurous pursuit into a journey supported by unwavering gear and the strength of friendship.


This is the essence of HUNT360: a platform that lets us celebrate the hunt while emphasizing the importance of trustworthy equipment and meaningful connections. From the very first ascent to the final triumphant moment, our journey through the rugged Alaskan terrain showcased that with the right gear and the right people, the challenges of the wild become opportunities for victory. HUNT360 stands as a beacon, ensuring every hunter is equipped with the gear that doesn't just pass the test but thrives in it, all while being part of a community that stands together.

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