Discover Take'emTv
April 5, 2024
Guys, have you ever met someone who is truly passionate about helping others succeed? We at HUNT360 certainly have, with our encounter with Josh Heller from Take'emTV. Josh joined HUNT360 in
HUNT360's March Gear-Up Challenge Overview
April 2, 2024
In the HUNT360 March Gear-Up Challenge, it was Take'emTV who stood out with an impressive score of 21,050 points. Their consistent participation and high-quality gear reviews clearly resonated
Kenetrek Focus: A Look Back at HUNT360's February Gear-Up Challenge
March 5, 2024
Zach Bowhay's impressive achievement in the February Gear-Up Challenge, where he earned 7,030 points through his in-depth product reviews and member referrals, highlights his significant
Lethal Products Lead the Way: The February Gear-Up Challenge on Hunt360
February 20, 2024
William H, the winner of the Lethal Products February Gear-Up Challenge, showcased his commitment to the HUNT360 community by accruing an impressive 890 points. His points were earned through
ALPS OUTDOORZ Takes Center Stage: January's Gear-Up Challenge Highlights on Hunt360
February 1, 2024
Erick Ericksen outstanding performance in the January Gear-Up Challenge on HUNT360 is a testament to his dedication and active engagement within the community. By building 4,020 points through
Resident vs Non-Resident - Chapter 1
January 5, 2024
I understand that this can be a sensitive topic, but through this series of articles titled 'Resident vs Non-Resident', I aim to offer residents a non-resident hunter's perspective.
Late Season Arizona Elk Hunt - Chapter 4
December 12, 2023
As the 4:00 am alarm sounded, I was already up with the same excitement I felt as a child on Christmas morning. The day Flint and I had eagerly waited for over eight months was finally upon us. Our
Final Chapter Missouri Hunt- Virgils First Whitetail
December 6, 2023
Day 6 Even though Brian shot a nice buck on day 5, we didn’t see much deer movement. After a couple of hours of discussion, Virgil and I decided we wanted to try some still-hunting the
Late Season Arizona Elk Hunt - Chapter 3
December 3, 2023
2:00 AM came early on Saturday morning as I tossed and turned all night, double-checking my phone to make sure I hadn’t overslept. It was time to hit the road for the 28-hour drive from Perry,
Late Season Arizona Elk Hunt - Chapter 2
November 27, 2023
As a parent, you always strive for the best for your children. This includes the drive I have to ensure Flint's success on his hunts. It's about more than just securing a tag and hoping for
Missouri Whitetail Hunt- Part 2
November 24, 2023
Day 5 With little movement the evening before, day five found us traveling to the bowhunting-only section of public land we had been hunting some. Looking at OnX, I identified what I thought to be
Late Season Arizona Elk Hunt - Chapter 1
November 21, 2023
Chapter 1: An Unexpected Message The day started like any other, but little did I know it would mark the beginning of a fantastic journey. It was a text from my buddy Jordan Christesen,
Missouri Deer Hunt- Day 1-4
November 15, 2023
This week, I am doing a semi-live blog about my Missouri hunt. This is day one through four, and I will do another few posts as the week progresses. For several years, our friend Brian Clark from
Top Hunting Optics-Choose Your Glass Wisely
November 8, 2023
Few things are as crucial to a successful hunt as suitable optics. Choosing the right optics can vary from hunt to hunt or hunter to hunter. For example, someone who spends the majority of their time
Late Season Whitetail Gear
November 1, 2023
For us whitetail hunters, the most magical time of the year is quickly approaching. By the time you read this, the last week of October, the pre-rut should be kicking in, and within a couple of
Alaska Coastal Mountain Goat Hunt
October 23, 2023
There is nothing quite like waking up on a frosty September morning in a two-man tent pitched on a small, semi-flat ledge 1,500 ft above a Southeast Alaskan coastline. As I exited the tent that first
Sonora Mule Deer Hunt: Chasing Velvet Dreams in the Desert Heat
October 18, 2023
The desert muleys are a special animal to me. They have droopy ears, dark foreheads, and massive frames! I’ve made the trip to Sonora, Mexico, several times before to hunt mule deer. Mexico
Why Puff Jackets Are Essential
October 17, 2023
Hunting isn't just a sport; it's a culture that brings people closer to nature. However, being closer to nature also means being prepared for its unpredictable conditions. That's where
Yes, You Should Buy a High End Cooler
October 13, 2023
Get A Great Cooler or Two! A top-tier cooler or two is essential to any hunting gear arsenal. You don't want to skimp on your next ice chest, and here's why. My outdoor learning curve
Late Season Elk Hunting
October 9, 2023
In my younger years, it was all about the elk rut for me, and I didn’t care about hunting them with a rifle or later in the season. As I got older, I decided I wanted to extend my season and
Late Season Hunting-7 Cold Weather Gear Wins
October 6, 2023
When Mother Nature is at her worst, the snow flies, and the Mercury plummets, you'll want these seven late-season hunt clothing items in your bag.  [[image1]] My dad still tells me he
Youth Hunting in Nebraska- Take Your Kid Hunting, You Won't Regret it
September 27, 2023
Since my kids have been old enough to hunt, I have taken them hunting in our home state of Idaho as much as possible. My daughters have had success on elk, bears, and mule deer in the early years of
Get Ready for Rifle Pronghorn with these 7 Great Gear Grabs
September 22, 2023
Few things trump the pure joy of chasing North America's fastest land animal with a rifle. These seven gear items will improve your hunt, help you put a prairie speedster on the dirt, and care
Pnuma Hunting Gear- Versatility for Your Next Hunting Adventure
September 18, 2023
Whether you’re planning the hunt of a lifetime or just a weekend at the deer lease, you’ll want clothing that will keep you comfortable in the elements and perform through whatever
A Wyoming Adventure-Mule Deer Hunting in the High Country
September 15, 2023
A couple of years ago, my friend Sheldon and I were finally embarking on our Wyoming high country mule deer hunt that we had been planning for several years, excitement was high, but I could tell I
Killer Kill Kits- Make sure you have the tools you need to take care of your harvest
September 11, 2023
Regarding hunting gear, it’s fun to look over, research, and fret over what new equipment we might need. During that process, though, we can easily overlook one of the most critical aspects of
Upgrade to an E-Bike- Maximize your efficiency to create more opportunities
September 6, 2023
If you’re anything like me, every opening morning of hunting season is preceded by months of researching, comparing, and testing the claims of the latest and greatest improvements to gear and
My Adventure with Gunwerks Magnus Rifle
August 30, 2023
As a young enthusiast eager to explore the world of shooting and hunting, my journey with the Gunwerks Magnus Rifle System has been one of growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Introduced
August 28, 2023
There are scores of backpacks on the market. The key to finding the right one is to match your backpack to your hunting style, research, and find a comfortable, durable model to meet your needs. This
August 25, 2023
Growing up, the thought of eating out of a bag was never something I thought I'd be passionate about. But here we are. If you're a backpack hunter especially, you are all too familiar with
Conquering The Dark
August 21, 2023
As a passionate hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I've hiked landscapes from Alaska to Maine, seeking the backcountry and unforgettable moments. One tool in my arsenal that's
Conquering Challenges with Trusted Gear
August 21, 2023
In the heart of Alaska's rugged wilderness, where jagged peaks pierce the sky and unforgiving terrain tests even the most seasoned hunters, lies an unforgettable tale of a mountain goat hunt.
5 Early-Season Whitetail Must Haves
August 10, 2023
Whitetail hunting is a gear-laden endeavor, and equipment that works during the rut may not be your best choice during the early season. Be ready for the bugs, the heat, and the sweat with these five