The HUNT360 Story


Welcome to HUNT360 – a unique platform where real reviews fuel real savings. Our aim is to simplify the hunt for the perfect gear by offering a one-of-a-kind, brand-direct shopping experience. With user-generated reviews, engaging chat discussions, and a customizable dashboard that tailors to your favorite brands, HUNT360 equips hunters with the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions. We're more than just a review site; we are a community dedicated to addressing hunters' challenges, fostering interaction, and sharing a passion for hunting. With HUNT360, you'll find real reviews, real savings, and a real community. Welcome to the HUNT360 experience.
I wanted to take a moment to share the incredible journey that led to the creation of HUNT360. It's a story filled with transformation, redemption, and a burning passion for hunting.
On that fateful day, June 26, 2016, everything changed for me. Prior to that, I had been living a life fueled by greed, adultery, and a lack of integrity. The consequences finally caught up with me, and I found myself at rock bottom, stripped of everything I had worked so hard for.
But in the midst of my despair, I had a life-altering experience. It started with a simple prayer at church on June 24th. I was tired, broken, and lost. I reached out to Jesus, asking for forgiveness and guidance. Little did I know that this prayer would be the turning point that set me on a new path.
Two days later, I received a letter from the church, reminding me of the power of prayer and the possibility of finding forgiveness in Jesus. Overwhelmed with emotion, I fell to my knees and cried out for forgiveness. It was in that moment that I felt the presence of Jesus, lifting me up and offering me a fresh start.
This newfound faith ignited my love for hunting once again. I immersed myself in researching hunting trips and realized the challenges hunters face when trying to find the right outfitters and gear. The idea sparked within me: there had to be a better way to connect hunters with the experiences they longed for.
I shared this idea with a friend, and together we discussed the concept of creating a platform that matched hunters with outfitters and gear based on their preferences. The pieces were slowly coming together, and the vision of HUNT360 began to take shape.
Throughout this journey, I have been fortunate to have the support and guidance of my tursted patners and team memebers, Ethree King, our exceptional developer Jeff Johnson, my brother Justin Williams and our attorney Stephen Barnes. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the path of HUNT360. 
Of course, it wasn't always smooth sailing. I made mistakes, encountered both supportive and challenging individuals, and faced technological hurdles. But with each setback, I learned and grew, refining the vision of HUNT360.
Today, HUNT360 is so much more than I could have imagined. It's a platform that connects hunters from all over the country, offers a personalized experience through the dashboard, and provides a marketplace for gear reviews. We continue to evolve and innovate, driven by our unwavering commitment to empowering hunters like you.
I share this story with you, not just as a founder, but as someone who understands the passion, challenges, and joys of being a hunter. HUNT360 was born out of a desire to create a community where hunters can come together, share their experiences, and find the resources they need to pursue their dreams.
Thank you for being a part of the HUNT360 community and for embracing this journey with us. Together, we are shaping the future of hunting, one adventure at a time.
Happy Hunting! Jeremy Williams Founder of HUNT360

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What Is HUNT360?
Hunt360 is a community dedicated to providing trustworthy reviews of hunting gear from real people like you. We value your experience - we want to know what gear you've tried, what worked for you, and what didn't. Your reviews matter to other hunters like you and helps us all go out better equipped!