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Resident vs Non-Resident - Chapter 1
January 5, 2024
I understand that this can be a sensitive topic, but through this series of articles titled 'Resident vs Non-Resident', I aim to offer residents a non-resident hunter's perspective.
Late Season Arizona Elk Hunt - Chapter 4
December 12, 2023
As the 4:00 am alarm sounded, I was already up with the same excitement I felt as a child on Christmas morning. The day Flint and I had eagerly waited for over eight months was finally upon us. Our
Final Chapter Missouri Hunt- Virgils First Whitetail
December 6, 2023
Day 6 Even though Brian shot a nice buck on day 5, we didn’t see much deer movement. After a couple of hours of discussion, Virgil and I decided we wanted to try some still-hunting the
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