Jeremy Williams

Conquering The Dark

Monday, August 21st, 2023
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As a passionate hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I've hiked landscapes from Alaska to Maine, seeking the backcountry and unforgettable moments. One tool in my arsenal that's never left my side during these journeys is the Kogalla Lighting System. This lighting system has transformed the way I hike the wilderness after dark. Unlike traditional headlamps, this system offers consistent and steady illumination without the irritating bouncing effect. The angles of the lenses provide great coverage, ensuring a clear path ahead without causing reflections on snow or other surfaces.


The Kogalla lighting system has demonstrated its value consistently over time. I've integrated it into my hunting gear, ensuring it remains just an arm's reach away whenever I need it. Employing a straightforward solution with velcro, I've firmly affixed the light bar to my binocular chest pack. This setup guarantees that reliable illumination is always at hand, even in the most remote locales.

Additionally, this versatile system serves as an excellent illuminator for my tent. With a simple maneuver, I drape the battery cord through the tie loop in the center mask, allowing it to hang effortlessly for swift and convenient access. Unlike headlamps that offer limited coverage, this lighting solution boasts 180-degree LED lenses, effectively brightening the entire tent interior. It's the kind of dependable gear innovation that adds a new level of comfort to outdoor experiences.


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Jeremy W.
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I've been using the Kogalla RA Single Pack on my hunting trips everywhere from Alaska to Maine, and it has become an essential part of my gear. With a quick addition of velcro, I've made it a reliable companion that attaches easily to my binocular harness. The design is simple and effective, offering a hands-free experience that is invaluable in the wilderness. The battery pack fits snugly in the harness, and the light stays securely in place no matter how rough the terrain. It's always ready in my backpack, providing dependable light whenever it's needed. Whether hiking under a dark sky or navigating early morning trails, the Kogalla RA delivers impressive brightness, enhancing visibility and safety. For any outdoor enthusiast, this light is more than an accessory, it's a necessity. Kudos to the makers for creating such a practical, user-friendly tool!


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