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Upgrade to an E-Bike- Maximize your efficiency to create more opportunities

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023
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If you’re anything like me, every opening morning of hunting season is preceded by months of researching, comparing, and testing the claims of the latest and greatest improvements to gear and gadgets. Refining and perfecting our systems. Looking for any new edge that may help create more opportunities to consistently notch tags. As with most technology, there have been rapid advancements around almost every aspect of hunting, and that technology intends to help users be more efficient and ultimately effective. And with tags being harder to obtain in many areas across the West and access to quality hunting grounds becoming scarcer in most places, it’s never been more critical to be efficient and effective with the available time and resources. Introducing electric bikes into the hunting arena is one of those game-changing advancements and maybe one you should consider adding to your repertoire.


You probably won’t take many grip and grins or have many tenderloin entrées without staying undetected by wary game. Whether you have a distance to cover to get into a tucked away mountain basin or a food plot on the back forty, e-bikes give you the ability to do so virtually silently and scent-free. Riding e-bikes can be quieter than walking to your destination, and with proper bike storage, the fat, rubber tires equipped on most e-bikes won’t hold much scent to sell you out. With many accessory options available to customize your needs, handle heavier loads, or haul more gear, an e-bike can be far better than the ATVs and side-by-sides usually used for such tasks. E-bikes are also much easier to stash and hide from two- and four-legged critters once you’re off and hunting.

Go farther, stay fresher.

By fresher, I mean from both sweat and fatigue. There’s nothing worse than getting into a prime hunting area and being drenched in sweat from the hike-in, except for getting there drenched in sweat and being completely worn out with half-functional legs. Depending on access regulations where you hunt, this problem might be solved with an e-bike. Cruise in, hop off and hunt, cruise out. When hunting rugged country, fresh legs keep you in the game longer. You’ll be able to check out country you otherwise might not have or check over that next ridge into the basin you’ve always wanted to look at. Again, accessorizing your e-bike to your needs could give you more options, like hauling a spike camp in or getting your harvested game back out. With ranges around 60 miles per charge and the possibility to carry an extra battery, you won’t have to worry about being stranded.

Be efficient and adapt quickly.

Hunters must be able to adapt and may need to resort to a plan B, C, or D quickly. From sudden weather changes, lack of game in a particular area, unexpected hunting pressure, droves of cattle showing up in your favorite spot, and wildfires, it’s hard to predict when or why you might need to adjust. Adapting to the situations encountered quickly might be the difference between going home empty-handed or with a cooler full of lean protein.

Not only can e-bikes get you into areas quickly (top speeds from 20-35 mph) and quietly, but they’ll also get you out and into a new location and another one after that if needed. Bonus: e-bikes are easy to transport, so you don’t have the same hassle you have with loading and unloading larger ATVs or side-by-sides. Check the regulations where you hunt, but e-bikes are also typically authorized on more trails than other motorized vehicles, giving you more options when you need a solid backup plan.

Solid options.

It’s hard to discuss e-bikes and hunting without discussing Bakcou. Bakcou offers high-end options built with the hunter in mind and will align with your hunting style.

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