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Killer Kill Kits- Make sure you have the tools you need to take care of your harvest

Monday, September 11th, 2023
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Regarding hunting gear, it’s fun to look over, research, and fret over what new equipment we might need. During that process, though, we can easily overlook one of the most critical aspects of the hunt. I am referring to what you need to properly break down and care for an animal once it’s dead in front of you. There is a wide variety of things that guys carry with them in their kill kits, and then there are a few that I am betting every serious hunter has in their pack, ready to deploy and use when needed.

Some things that I feel are optional and may be personal preference. Things like flagging tape. I always carry a small roll of flagging tape for situations where trailing a buck or a bull might be difficult. It’s nice to be able to flag your last blood or track and then move forward, looking for the next sign. Some guys use toilet paper for this or don’t pack any means to flag a trail. As mentioned, I always do, and it sometimes comes in handy to mark a trail and kill site. Please always make sure you clean up your flagging tape when you leave.

Another optional item is latex gloves. I used to never pack latex gloves in my kill kit; I guess I figured it wasn’t the manly way to do things. I always try to have a couple of pairs in my kit. I don’t always use them, but they are great to have. I especially like having them if I happen to cut myself when butchering an animal or if I have any cuts or abrasions on my hands. I have heard horror stories of blood poisoning and figure as light as latex gloves are; why not have them?

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter

There are different schools of thought on knives, but I prefer a quality, fixed-blade knife for handling down game. The Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter fits the bill perfectly. This drop-point knife is small enough not to take up gobs of room in my pack but also is substantial enough not to feel small in my hand. It holds an edge for a long time and is a perfect build and shape for breaking down large deer and elk. This knife only comes out of my pack when it’s time to butcher an animal, so it’s sure to be sharp when the time comes when it’s needed.



Erick E.
Wrote a review
I purchased the Hidden Canyon Hunter with the S90V steel. The knife was super sharp and stayed sharp after quartering an elk, a pronghorn and a deer. I also used it during some of the processing. I have not had a knife stay that sharp for that long before.

Final Thoughts

Sure, hunters might vary, but some product categories must be filled in your pack on each hunt. One last thing to note is I always like to have at least a basic first aid kit. Butchering large game is serious business, and cuts and lacerations can happen quickly. It would be best if you were prepared for whatever may come and care for the animals we harvest; it’s the least we can do when we shoot an animal. Keeping the meat clean and cool throughout the process ensures our harvest makes it to our freezers with as little waste as possible; ultimately, that is the final goal.



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