Hunt360 Contest

April 12th, 2023 to May 15th, 2023

The Hunt360 contest runs from April 12th to May 12th. Participants can win a Pelican Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler by earning points through user-generated content on product reviews and chat rooms. The most active participant with the most points will win the prize. Join now to showcase your hunting knowledge and win!


Here are the rules for the Hunt360 contest:

  1. The contest runs from April 12th to May 12th, 2023.

  2. Participants must be registered members of the Hunt360 website to earn points and be eligible to win the prize.

  3. Points can be earned site-wide by completing the following activities:

  • Writing product reviews: 250 points per review
  • Viewing prices: 10 point per view
  • Liking member reviews: 2 point per like
  • Following favorite brands: 50 points per brand followed
  • Upload a profile picutre: 100 points
  1. The participant with the highest number of points at the end of the contest period will be declared the winner.

  2. The winner will be notified by email and must respond within 72 hours to claim the prize.

  3. If the winner does not respond within the allotted time or is found to be in violation of the contest rules, the prize will be awarded to the next highest scoring participant.

  4. The prize is a Pelican Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler and will be shipped to the winner's address.

  5. Participants must adhere to the Hunt360 community guidelines and code of conduct.

  6. Hunt360 reserves the right to disqualify any participant found to be in violation of the contest rules or community guidelines.

  7. By participating in the contest, participants agree to be bound by these rules and any decisions made by Hunt360.




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What Is HUNT360?
Hunt360 is a community dedicated to providing trustworthy reviews of hunting gear from real people like you. We value your experience - we want to know what gear you've tried, what worked for you, and what didn't. Your reviews matter to other hunters like you and helps us all go out better equipped!